22 LED Solar Powered Dual Flood Lamp

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22 LED Solar Powered Dual Flood Lamp

The waterproof solar sensor light features ultra bright LED lamps, a high efficiency solar panel and adjustable lighting duration from 22 seconds to 60 seconds and meticulously housed in a robust ABS case. Additionally, it can detect movements up to 5m away within a 1200 radius.


* High performance solar panel

* Built-in 1800mAh rechargeable battery

* Waterproof

* 22 LED lights

* Adjustable lighting duration: 20 to 60 seconds

* Adjustable up and down, left and right

* Wide sensor angle: 30° to 120°

* Large sensor range: 2m to 5m

* Easy to install

* No cables or electrician required


* LED quantity: 22pcs

* LED colour: Bright white

* LED rated power: 2W

* Solar panel: 6V/1.2W

* Battery: 600mAh rechargeable battery X 3pcs

* Waterproof rating: TP55

* Headlamp dimensions: 19cm x 20cm x4.5cm

* Solar panel dimensions: 13.5cm x 13.5xm x 1cm

* Cable length: 5m

Package Content:

1 x Solar Sensor Light

1 x Assembly Kit

1 x Manual

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