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Set your life to relax mode with the Gardeon Timber Hammock Chair. Built to exacting standards of durability and workmanship, the timber hammock chair is a joy to use and so cool to chill out in. Have it indoors or outdoors, for a perfect resting spot or as a peaceful reading zone, the chair is designed to give ample support for your body. The wood used is Larch wood that is imported specially from Russia for its lasting qualities. Not least, the chair also comes with heavy-duty fixings that can easily handle up to 120kg in weight capacity with minimum hassles.

Suitable for both indoors and outdoors
Imported Larch wood
Two pillows included
Heavy-duty fixings

Brand: Gardeon
Material: Larch wood
Weight capacity: 120kg
Overall size: 137cm X 124cm X 180cm
Colour: Rainbow

Package Contents:
1 x Gardeon Hammock Chair
1 x Hammock
2 x Pillow

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