Greenfingers Hydroponic Activated Carbon Filter Grow Tent Ventilation Kit 6 inch

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Our Green Fingers 6” Active Carbon Filter utilises anti-air bypass technology with a 50mm RC-48 Australian virgin carbon bed for high absorption and performance. It features a fine stainless steel mesh for the outer and internal layer and packed with activated charcoal in between, which provides 53% open area allowing for increased air flow. The filter absorbs all nasty odours and pollens that float through the air or emitted from your plants to help maintain a clean growing environment. It also comprises three cotton filter pads to prevent any carbon leakage and wastage. The filter can be reversible to be used as an intake filter or exhaust filter.


Cone shaped internal base for optimum air flow

Anti-Air-Bypass technology

Vibra machine packed carbon

Recommend filter flow: 290~500m3/h

50mm RC-48 Australian virgin carbon bed

Customized open air stainless steel mesh


Material: Stainless Steel

Flange size: 6”

Total height: 40cm

Carbon thickness: 50mm

Air flow: 290~500m3/h

Weight: 5.5kg

Package Content

1 x 6" Carbon Filter

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