New Magnetic Wrist Band Strap Magnet Screws Bolts Nuts Nails Handy Tools Holder




The Magnetic Wrist Strap is perfect ideal for tradesmen, craftspeople, handymen, and working in the shed. It keeps those fiddly items handy while you work, great when working on ladders, under cars or around the workshop.

  • Hook and loop closure is easy to use with one hand
  • Holds small metallic objects such as screws, nuts, bolts, tools and more.
  • Wrist can ensure that the nails or screws don't fall down when working in high or dark places.
  • Strong elastic band fits all wrist sizes
  • Material: nylon belt and magnetic part
  • Magnetic part size: 5.7x3cm
  • Band length: 27.5cm
  • 1x Magnetic Wrist Strap

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